Hall effect in metals

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45 Minutes
45 Minutes
Teachers/Professors , Students


The Hall effect in thin zinc and copper foils is studied and the Hall coefficient determined. The effect of temperature on the Hall voltage is investigated.


  • Hall effect in metals for different metal foils
  • High current power supply guarantees the precise results
  • Clear setup where all important parts are visible
  • Setup transformator to produce a high magnetic field, measured by a teslameter (included)


  1. The Hall voltage is measured in thin copper and zinc foils.
  2. The Hall coefficient is determined from measurements of the current and the magnetic induction.
  3. The temperature dependence of the Hall voltage is investigated on the copper sample.

Learning objectives

  • Normal Hall effect
  • Anomalous Hall effect
  • Charge carriers
  • Hall mobility
  • Electrons
  • Defect electrons

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