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Student set Electric motor / Generator digital, TESS advanced Physics

Article no. 15221-88D | Type: Sets

grades 5-7 , grades 7-10

Function and Applications
Equipment set for 10 student experiments on the topics:

  • Electromagnetism (1)
  • Energy forms, transformation and conservation (1)
  • Electric motor and generator (8)

In 3 experiments, you can use the Cobra SMARTsense Voltage and Current sensors in combination with tablets and smartphones instead of the classic measuring device.


  • The ideal combination of classic experiments (practical competence) and digital data acquisition (media competence)
  • Individual teaching structure possible: you can decide to choose the measuring instrument you want (classic or digital)
  • Future-proof: Prepare the transition to the digital school today
  • Perfectly matched to digital science lessons with tablets and smartphones
  • Faster and higher learning success: The use of digital devices increases the identification and thus increases the motivation of the students
  • Components in all mountable devices, clear base plate reduced to the necessary
  • Matched plug-in system for quick setup and conversion. Few modules instead of many individual components
  • Complete syllabus coverage: various DC and AC motors and generators and introductory experiments on electromagnetism and the conversion of electrical energy into kinetic energy incl. required accessories
  • From the basics of electromagnetism to application in motors, generators and transformers

Equipment and technical data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
  • Cobra SMARTsense Voltage: Measuring range: +/- 30 V, resolution: 0.02 V, sampling rate: 1000 Hz (10000 Hz via USB)
  • Cobra SMARTsense Current: Measuring range: +/- 1 A, resolution: 0.5 mA, sampling rate: 1000 Hz (10000 Hz via USB)


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