Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley

Article no. P1001000 | Type: Experiments

10 Minutes
20 Minutes
grades 7-10

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Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics

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The students should recognize on a simple block and tackle that the force required to lift a specific load can be reduced by half compared with the weight (force) by using an arrangement of 2 pulleys. However, a longer distance must be covered. By comparing the products load × load distance and force × force distance they should recognize that both are equal large.

The term "(slotted) weight" is incorrect inasmuch as we are dealing with a mass which becomes a weight (in reality "a weight-force") under the influence of the earth's gravity. The term "mass piece" used here is better.



  • Real stand material for an esecially stable and safe setup
  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

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