Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter with Cobra SMARTsense

Article no. P1044169 | Type: Experiments

10 Minutes
10 Minutes
grades 10-13


Quantities of heat are distributed in such a way that finally all parts in contact with each other have the same temperature. If the heat capacities and initial temperatures are known, the final temperature can be predicted. Conversely, the heat capacity can be deduced from the end temperature if the initial temperatures are known.


  • Particularly understandable and didactically prepared description of the experiment (relevance to everyday life etc.) including protocol questions
  • Future-oriented teaching: Integration into digital science lessons with tablets
  • Increased motivation of students by using the intuitive measureAPP
  • Increase of media competence


The students heat different amounts of water with the butane burner and determine their temperature. They then mix them to a known amount of water in the calorimeter, the temperature of which has already been determined.

Learning objectives

The students learn how a calorimeter works and measure the mixing process of water.

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