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Datalogging in a New Dimension - Ideal for Student Experiments!

PHYWE's new Cobra SMARTsense sensors are the ideal entry into digital education for natural sciences. The affordable pricing allows to buy multiple sensors to let every student or work group in a class use it. Cobra SMARTsense sensors connect wirelessly with the the students device and with the free PHYWE measureAPP they can directly log and analyse the measured data.

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  • All-in-one-device - no additional interface required
  • Unrivaled price-performance ratio
  • Switch on and start measuring (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Automatic standby mode after 5 minutes
  • Directly connect via Bluetooth 4 or USB (not all Cobra SMARTsense are available with USB connectivity yet)
  • Up to 30 meters reach
  • Fully automated detection of sensors in the PHYWE measureAPP
  • Logging of up to five measurement values in measureAPP simultaneously
  • Designed for TESS student experiments
  • More than 110 PHYWE experiments today with over 300 to follow
  • Covers the whole curriculum in all fields of science education

Cobra SMARTsense

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Cobra SMARTlink

Cobra SMARTlink

Item no.: 12999-99
curricuLAB, school licence

curricuLAB, school licence

Item no.: 14577-62
curricuLAB, single licence

curricuLAB, single licence

Item no.: 14578-62
Cobra SMARTsense - ORP

Cobra SMARTsense - ORP

Item no.: 12927-00
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